• Thank you for checking out my school webpage! 
    I am really excited about getting to know all of you and working together this year!  Needless to say, this year is going to be different than previous years but I am confidant that we can still make it a great year and learn a little history along the way.
    Feel free to reach out to me if there is any way I can help.  The best way to contact contact me is via email:  ryan.fiore@monroe.k12.nj.us
    Please keep in mind, this is not where I will be running my class website.  Assignments, announcements, documents, most communication and all other class materials will be posted on Google Classroom.  Before the start of the school year, I will send out emails to the students with instructions on how to join the approporiate Google Classroom.  The email will be sent to the student's school email address (the one ending @students.monroe.k12.nj.us).  If you do not receive an email from me after the first day of school (September 3) please reach out to me.
    In the meantime, I reccomend you become familar with the follow sites as they will be used throughout the school year (links are to short video turtorils):
    Again, I am excited about this school year and look forward to getting to know all of you!