Monroe Township Middle School



    Mrs. Corbisiero Ms. Drake



    The MTMS Physical Education Program consists of activities involving cooperation, teamwork, sportsmanship, and physical fitness. Classes are always enriched with fun and excitement. Students also partake in Prudential fitness testing, as well as Presidential testing. The objective of testing is to improve your scores over the course of the school year. Events that are tested include: sit-ups, push-ups, v-reach, mile run, etc.   


    Throughout their years at MTMS, the students may participate in the following sports:  ping-pong, basketball, bowling, dance, football, frisbee, hockey, lacrosse, track and field, soccer, softball, volleyball and much more.
    Many more activities are offered, such as Volleyball Madness, Hoops for Heart, and the Special Olympics Torch Run. 
    To cap off the year, the 6th grade students participate in a LEAD Day of fun and prizes.  Students compete in  events such as Parachute pop-up, Spoon and Egg Race,Water Can Race, etc., plus exciting "LEAD" stations.
    Health - Students will participate in Health for one marking period.  I enjoy teaching health and some of the topics covered are:  stress management, decision making, short term and long term goals, puberty, and nutrition. 




    “The Top Ten Things You Must do to Take Part in MTMS


     Physical Education Class”


    9.   Be respectful to other students and teachers 
    8.  Put your best effort forward  
    7.  Play by the rules
    6.  Take off all loose jewelry 
    5 Have good sportsmanship
    4.  Be prepared with proper clothing
    3.  Have a positive attitude
    2.  Be willing to try new things


    and the Number ONE thing you must do is…..

    HAVE FUN!!!!