•       Mr. Tortoriello /Brookside School

    Hello parents and students. Welcome to room 15.
    While this website contains useful information, it DOES NOT take the place of being attentive and responsible in the classroom by copying your homework from the board. 
    HW assignments will NOT be posted here. 
    Google Classroom will be used throughout the school year. Once students accept my invitation, they will have access to my stream. You can expect to see an invitation to join sometime in late August once we receive our class lists. Included in my stream will be important school dates, digital reading logs, video links to lessons, and topic guides for the subjects that I teach. Using Google Classroom on a weekly basis is one of the keys to success this year, so please don't forget to use it!
    Please be aware that Friday folders will be issued approximately every other week for the students to take home. Once reviewed, there will be a place to sign for acknowledgment. Kindly return the folder with all the work so that the documents can be placed in a file to be reviewed during conferences and/or meetings.
    Our daily schedule will also be posted for you towards the end of August, once everything has been finalized. Students will each be issued their own computer log-in card during the first week of school. This will have all the pass codes needed to log onto sites that are used throughout the year. Clicking onto their Clever icon will also help with the navigation process. In addition, using the "Site Shortcuts" located on the left of the school's web page is also very useful.
    Updated: 6/21/24
       "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more 
    and become more, you are a leader."  -  John Quincy Adams
                                                              .                                   .