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    Hello, thank you for visiting my staff website! I am a special education teacher for Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade.  I have been with the Monroe Township school district for 12 years, and taught in New York for several years before I moved here.  I have experience in both self-contained, resource rooms, and inclusion classes.  I love to co-teach and collaborate with  general education teachers, and work toward creating the most successful program for your child.  This year, I will be pulling 1st and 2nd grade students for instruction in Literacy and/or Math into a small group resource room setting.  In addition, I will be co-teaching kindergarten students in a larger group ICR setting within a general education classroom.  It's going to be another great year, and I'm looking forward to meeting and teaching your children!  Please see the welcome letters for each grade level listed within this website.  

    I have lived in Monroe Township for 12 years now, and I'm so happy to be a part of this school district!  I have two sons of my own, both of them attending Monroe Township schools.  Therefore, I am not only a teacher, but a parent as well! 

    In addition, I have gone to school to learn Sign Language, and even went through a Sign Language interpreter program in order to become more proficient in the language.  I have taught Sign Language as an adjunct instructor in a college, and in the Adult Education program here in Monroe.  

    I am so excited for this school year!  I know it will be a wonderful and successful year for your children!