• Studying Tips
    Whether it is for a week, month, unit, or marking period, set a goal that you would like to obtain and work towards accomplishing that goal. Do not wait until the end of the marking period to try to improve your grade. To be successful in math, you need to always try your best and constantly put forth effort! Here are some helpful tips that you can use to study and perform well in math.


    Here are some helpful tips that you can use:

    1. Complete every homework assignment. This is actually a very effective way to help you do better in math. Doing homework problems is a way to practice the material that is covered in class. Once you complete homework problems, CHECK and CORRECT the answers during our class lesson the next day. Please make sure you use a colored pen and make corrections in your notes. This way you can go back and study the correct answers.


    1. ASK questions!You should be engaged during the entire lesson. If, during the lesson, you are confused or not understanding something, make sure you ASK your teacher for help. Do not leave class confused. 


    1. Study notes and reference sheets. Remember, your notes are written in your own words so that you can study and understand them. Each night, you should go over your notes from that day's lesson. Look over problems and vocabulary and make sure you understand everything before moving on.


    1. PRACTICE!!This includes making sure you have completed all homework and missing assignments. Go over any problems you thought were difficult and re-do them. Check your answers. Before an assessment, complete any problems that were suggested on a study guide. You can also use the Math links your teacher provides for extra practice problems. 


    1. Review Exit Tickets. The exit ticket from each day will be aligned to that lesson's learning goal. Re-do or review the problems and the corrections/notes your teacher made on your exit ticket.


         6. MAC. Attend the Math Assistance Center. Ask your teacher for more information about this.


    Please check Genesis and keep an eye on your grade. Make sure you take the steps needed in order to obtain your goal by the end of the marking period. That means, if you do not feel your grade is where you want it to be, do whatever you can to improve it before the marking period ends. You are given plenty of notice of when you will have an assessment. Do not wait until the night before to study! Study days in advance so you can ask questions about anything you are not understanding.