• Resources For Parents


    State of New Jersey Parent Link

    Website content includes early childhood health, development, early learning, parenting and family support resources. Family milestone topics include pre-conceptual/prenatal health, kindergarten readiness, back to work/staying at home and parenting older siblings.

    Eat Right

    How to talk to your kids about weight and obesity

    Audiology Resources

    Local agencies sometimes receive donations or private funds to assist with various needs. Speech and hearing centers may provide hearing aids at a reduced rate for clients who have used their services for audiological assessment. The United Way may fund local speech and hearing centers. Check your telephone book for local programs and inquire about funding.

    Healthy weight from the CDC (BMI calculator)

    Information about healthy weights for children and teens 

    Apply for Kid Friendly Programs

    Family Care, Vaccines, Free & Reduced Lunch,  Nutrition Assistance 

    Cold Vs. Flu

    How to tell the difference between a cold and the flu