• 5th Grade Makers Snowflake Project
    3D Snowflake
    Each 5th grade maker has made one point of the snowflake.
    Together, we created many 3D snowflakes to decorate our windows.
    Each snowflake is unique and made by 6 students joining their points together at the center!
    3D snowflake 2  

     Click on the following links to learn and make a 3Dsnowflake at home!

    Click here ---> 3D Snowflake Video Instructions from Becca Bliss 

    Snowflake sample  

    Do you know each snowflake is different?
    Why is "6" a magic number for snowflakes?
    Have you seen a single snowflake crystal very closely? 
    Check out these great books at Brookside Media Center to find out more...
     Story of Snow                   Snowflake Bentley                   snowflake secret
     Destiny Snowflake
     snowflake crystal
Last Modified on March 11, 2020