• Frequently Asked Questions About the Budget

    1. What is the Superintendent's salary?
    Answer: The Superintendent's salary, which has met the County Office of the Department of Education's approval and which was approved by the Monroe Township Board of Education, for the 2015/2016 school year, is $167,500.00.  
    2. Why are we still purchasing text books for the HS when the iPad was to replace books? Very confusing from past discussions with prior Superintendent. 
    Answer: When purchasing textbooks or resources for classes, we review all possibilities to ensure it meets standards and our curricular needs. Some books are not available electronically or may not be cost-efficient. We are looking to implement more digital resources, and will continue to review options, but there may still be a need for some textbooks.  Please also understand that all hard copy or digital text books are presented by administration after careful review to the Curriculum Committee where they must meet approval for adoption. 
    3. Thanks for getting back to me on the textbook question. I have another. Today I noticed Monroe buses picking up children, while parents are waiting in cars (running no less) and asked around what this was for and found out Saturday Academy. I truly believe in helping students that need assistance but if we are need of new buses, for age and mileage, why are buses used for this purpose, especially since parents are waiting in cars... If we need to watch all the pennies, this is a very large cost, not only for the buses, but for also the drivers the town (taxpayers) have to cover in cost. Thanks again.
    Answer: All the expenses attributable to Saturday Academy are funded through the Title I Grant.  Like all district instructional programs, student transportation is provided.  Some parents choose to drive their children to and from the program which is their prerogative. We base the need for busing knowing those estimates so not to over schedule unnecessary seating on buses.  Additionally the District has designed and initiated a District wide transportation opt-out form whereby parents waive their right to transportation services which again helps us to maximize transportation efficiency.  Monroe earned the highest Transportation Efficiency Rating in the County this year which qualifies the District for the maximum Categorical State Aid called “Transportation Aid”.  Thank you for your interest in the school district budget.