• 2022-2023 Supplies

    There is no fifth grade supply list; each classroom has its own. 

    Students will need:

    1. One 2-inch binder and two1-inch binders (durable - we use these every day!)
    2. Dividers for your 2-inch binder ("General Notebook"): Science, Social Studies, Math, Health
    3. Dividers for your 1-inch binder ("Reader's/Writer's Notebook")
    4. Lined paper, filling each section of the 2 binders
    5. 2 different colored composition notebooks
    6. 2 sturdy pocket folders -- plastic is best to last through the year (Daily Homework and Friday Folder)
    7. Pencil Pouch
    8. 3-4 packs of Sticky notes (will need to replenish through the year)
    9. Pencils (more than you would ever think are needed!)
    10. A few blue or black pens
    11. 2 highlighters
    12. Hand-Sharpener for pencils
    13. Eraser
    14. Scissors

    Available at home:

    1. Extra pencils
    2. Refills of lined paper
    3. One pack of colored pencils, crayons, or markers