• Frequently Asked Questions About the Budget (2017-18)

    1. Can you please instruct me on how I could find out the the total appropriations for extra curricular activities along with individual amounts for each activity for the 2017-18 budget? I would also like to determine these amounts for past years. 


    Total Revised Appropriations
    School-Sponsored Co-curricular and Extra-curricular Activities  
    2014-2015      2015-2016      2016-2017
    $530,903         $546,550         $553,263
    School-Sponsored Athletics
    2014-2015      2015-2016      2016-2017
    $972,208         $997,767         $997,702
    The specific amounts for each activity is unavailable.   
    The amounts for 2017/2018 are in the early stages of preparation.