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    Click on the link below to access the supply list as a Word document. 

    Supply List 2021 - Shur

     The following items should be brought to school on Orientation Day or on the first day of school. 

    • A backpack with your child’s name clearly written on it. Please make sure the backpack is big enough to fit a lunchbox, folders, and extra stuff!

    Please do NOT send a rolling backpack. 

    • A small snack labeled with your child’s name: If needed, please pack a spoon or fork. This is not lunch so a small quick snack is recommended. We also do not have access to warm anything up. The easier the snack the better! THANK YOU!

     Milk and a small snack will be offered to all Kindergarten students and will be FREE. More information will follow shortly.

    • 1- 2 pocket folder labeled with your child’s name. Please do not buy the plastic folders. The Papers will slide out! This will be used for kindergarten class work done in school. Please empty it EVERY DAY!

    Your child will receive a white Falcon folder which will be used for parent-teacher-school notes.

    • 3 boxes of 24 count REGULAR size crayons (will store the extra boxes in the classroom until your student needs them)

    (Please do not send in jumbo, large, erasable, or washable crayons) Crayola crayons are recommended.

    • 1 supply box/pencil box – please put your students name somewhere on the case. It can be any color your student likes. Please make sure they can open and close it easily.

    I greatly appreciate it! I want to make sure that everyone has their own supplies readily available at their seats.

    The following supplies do not have to be brought to school on the first day. You can send them in at your convenience. You do not need to put your child’s name on these supplies. We work together as a community and share these supplies. Thank you!

    1 package of dry erase markers

    1 container of baby wipes

    1 box of tissues

    1 empty PAPER TOWEL ROLL

    1 box Gallon size Ziploc bags

    1 roll of paper towels

    1 bottle of hand sanitizer

    Please email me if you have any questions ashley.shur@monroe.k12.nj.us


    Mrs. Shur