Star student information

  • Each week, a student will be chosen to be star student of the week of that upcoming week. To announce their star student status for the upcoming week, they will bring home a ‘Student of the Week’ certificate! The star student will take home an ‘About Me’ poster at the end of the previous week to decorate and fill out over the weekend and share with the class, take home 'Miss Young' (laminated face) and journal to write about all the fun activties that took place over the weekend, share a letter written by his/her parents about the things that are special about them with the class, and get to share a special show and tell item. Please be sure to keep 'Miss Young' nice and clean so everyone in our class has a turn to bring her home for the weekend!


    Each day your student will get to share these extra special things, this is what they will be doing each day during afternoon meeting:

    Monday: share about their weekend with 'Miss Young'

     Tuesday: share their 'about me' poster

    Wednesday: share letter written by a family member about special things about the star student

    Thursday: bring in an item for show and tell

    Friday: bring home special notes book