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Photographer of the Week

  • Class Photographer Information:


    Note: Photographers will be chosen the Friday before the upcoming week. A note will go home telling you that your child has been chosen. They will then have the week to take and chose their picture here in school. After their picture is taken, it will be sent home Friday (or last school day of that week). It will then be presented to the class the following Monday with their caption included. Any questions? Please let me know!


    Each week one student is assigned the task of being the class photographer. They are responsible for photographing an important moment that week using our class Kindles. Once their picture is taken, I will send home a copy of the photo with them on Friday. Over the weekend, they will need to write a caption (a few sentences) telling about the special event. Being the class photographer of the week is a very special job! It will allow the chosen student to feel responsible for documenting a special moment in our classroom, practice their writing skills by writing a caption to go with their picture, and allow them a chance to open dialogue with their parents about special activities going on in our classroom! The class photographer will even have a chance to get their picture and caption published in our growing class book by presenting their page each Monday to the class and adding it to the book! The fun doesn’t stop there, the picture/caption will even be sent out to the families using Class Dojo! Please be on the lookout at the end of each week for the photo of the week to be sent out via Class Dojo. Also check your child’s folder weekly to see if they got chosen for this special job! Have fun!