• Varsity Letter Criteria 


    1. Athletes must always conduct themselves in a manner that reflects a good image of the team, the athlete, and our school. This includes before, during, and after the season.

    2. The athlete' attendance and attitude at practice must be satisfactory to the coach. 

    3. The athlete must be recommended by the head coach.

    4. Coaches reserve the right to waive specific criteria in case of injury to athletes that were on a "pace" to earn a varsity letter at the time of injury.

    5. Senior athletes that successfully complete the season in good standing.

    6. A total of points equal to one per meet; i.e., 12 meets, at least 12 points. Any athlete who scores in our league, county, or state meet, automatically is eligible.



    1. Attitude and service must reflect a sincere interest in the success of the program.

    2. Performance of duties and attendance at practice and games must be satisfactory to the coach. 

    3. Require two years of service to the program, one of which has to be with the varsity team.