Please click the link for some suggestions to do at home.

    Home Connection


    Have your child practice writing and identifying their name. 


    Practice with your child how to open their snack, open and close their backpack, put on their coat etc...


    Encourage your child to pack up their own supplies and choose a space to keep their school supplies. 


    Flashcards: Use index cards to create flashcards to practice letters, numbers, and site words.


    Label items around your house to promote pre reading skills. 


    Magnetic LettersPlace uppercase and lowercase letters on your

    fridge and the possibilities are endless!


    Shaving Cream writing: Spray shaving cream on a table and practice writing and identifying letters.


    Playdough fun: make letters using playdough. Use letter stamps and create letters.


    Sand art: Trace letters and numbers in a homemade sand box.


    Food: Use different types of cereal and candy to have your child practice counting,  adding and subtracting.