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    Please dress your child comfortably and appropriately for school. We sometimes do some messy things and go outside! Please label all outerwear.

    Notices/class work:

    Please make sure your child has a backpack each day with his/her name on it. It is also important to remember to empty his/her backpack and folder every day! Please place any notes to me inside the Mill Lake Falcon folder.

    ECE/Falcon Care:

    If your child attends a day care/different school directly before or after Kindergarten, please make sure that their papers and snacks are labeled separately. All Mill Lake papers and forms will/should be placed in the Mill Lake falcon folder.


    If your child’s dismissal changes in anyway, you must give me written permission. Please do not just send an e-mail. I must receive this at the beginning of their day so that I have time to send your note to the office. No changes will be made unless we receive written authorization from you. If dismissal plans change during schools hours please call the school office.

    Please email me if you have any questions or concerns.