Third Grade Supply List


    Hello and Welcome to [REMOTE] Third Grade!

    Please gather the following materials for your quiet remote learning work space:

    • Headphones
    • Digital Timer 
    • Pack of Sharpened Pencils
    • Pencil Sharpener
    • 1 Red Pen
    • Crayons, Markers, & Colored Pencils (for Art Class)
    • Scissors
    • Glue or Glue Sticks
    • 1 ruler (with inches AND centimeters)
    • 1 mini whiteboard
    • Pack of Expo Dry Erase Markers and a Whiteboard Eraser (can be an old sock!)
    • 6 spiral notebooks (label them for each subject- Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, and Health)
    • Pack of plain white paper (no lines)


    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at Danielle.Dowe@monroe.k12.nj.us