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    List by student number:

    1. Letter-Name: #8, 12

    2. Within Word Pattern: #1, 3, 5, 9, 10, 16, 17

    3. Syllables & Affixes: (Group 1: #11, 18); (Group 2: #6, 13, 14, 15, 19)

    4. Derivational Relations: #2, 4, 7, 20, 21


    Word Study in 3rd Grade

    We are using Words Their Way, which is a word-study framework. In this program, students study words and phonics patterns that are at their developmental spelling level, as determined by the Elementary Spelling Inventory.

    Word study is the combination of phonics, spelling, and vocabulary. Every two weeks, your student will get about 15 new words. They will spend two weeks studying the patterns in the words.  The purpose is for students to develop knowledge of English spelling patterns and “oddball” through exploration, as well as to widen their vocabulary. There are 5 stages of spelling development, according to Words Their Way: Emergent (pre-K-1st), Letter Name-Alphabetic (K-2nd), Within Word Patterns (1st-4th), Syllables and Affixes (3rd-8th), and Derivational Relations (5th-12th grade).

    Below is a layout of the different skills that students will study across the program. (Noted is the end of 3rd grade goal, early syllables and affixes)

    Letter-Name Alphabetic:
    Final Consonant- shi p , too n, coa t
    Short Vowels- c a t, wh e n, sit, t o p, g u m
    Digraphs- ch, sh, th, wh

    Within Word Pattern:
    Blends- st, sl, bl, br, sp, spr, etc…
    Long Vowels Vowel teams, bossy e, vowels that say their name
    Other vowels- au, aw, ow, etc…          *End of 2nd grade goal*

    Syllables and Affixes:
    Inflected endings-ing, -ed, -ies          *End of 3rd grade goal*

    Syllable junctures- li tt le, run → ru nn ing, etc.
    Unaccented syllables- Flav or, sharp en, etc…

    Derivational Relations:
    Harder Suffixes -ate, -ent, -tion, -ize, etc...
    Base Root Derivative