• Supply List


    (1) 1 subject spiral notebook 

    (1) Composition notebook 

    4 folders 

    1 ½ inch binder 

    1 pack of 200 count white lined paper 

    2 pack 3x5 index cards 

    2-4 pencil erasers 

    2-3 dry erase markers (chisel tip) 

    1 expo eraser 

    2 glue sticks 

    1 ruler  


    1 (24) pack of Crayons 

    #2 pencils- enough to last throughout the year (not mechanical please) 

    Pencil Sharpener 

    Erasable Pen (blue or black ink) Important and often forgotten 

    2 highlighters-any color 

    Post Its – 3in x 3in 

    Black Sharpie – fine point students ALWAYS want to use them 

    2 book covers/book sox 



    Colored pencils 

    Supply box (recommended) 

    Hand sanitizer