Geronimo Stilton

    Geronimo Stilton

    Written by Elisabetta Dami

    In the series, the title character is an anthropomorphic mouse who lives in New Mouse City on Mouse Island. A best-selling author, Geronimo Stilton [4] works as a journalist and editor for the fictional newspaper The Rodent's Gazette.

    He has a younger sister that has been named Thea Stilton,[5] a cousin named Trap Stilton,[5] and a favorite nephew, nine-year-old Benjamin Stilton (Ben).[5] Geronimo is a nervous, mild-mannered mouse who would like nothing better than to live a quiet life, but he keeps getting involved in faraway adventures with Thea, Trap, and Benjamin, and sometimes Aunt Sweetfur.


    Big Nate

    Big Nate

    Written by Lincoln Peirce

    Big Nate follows the adventures and misadventures of Nate Wright, a spirited and rebellious sixth-grader, along with his best friends, Francis and Teddy. Other characters include a variety of teachers at Public School 38 and other people and animals in the fictional town of Rackleff, Maine. Nate is portrayed as a boy with little interest in studies or conforming to standards. The lack of interest leads him into several conflicts with his social studies teacher Mrs. Godfrey, whom he considers his nemesis. Peirce also focuses on Nate's home life and friendships.


    junie b

    Junie B. Jones

    Written by Barbara Park

    Junie B. Jones just can't help getting into all kinds of scrapes. After all, going to school, having to ride the smelly old school bus and making new friends isn't easy. She really can't help it when she shouts out loud in class. After all, if that dumb May, the class tattletale, wasn't always calling attention to Junie B.'s behavior, she wouldn't have to yell at her, would she? Then there's that meanie kid, Jim, who is always teasing her and making life miserable. And it's really hard to follow the rules, when there seem to be so many of them. No matter how mixed-up things get, one thing's for sure --- you'll have a good laugh reading about Junie's adventures in kindergarten and first grade.


    Katie Woo

    Katie Woo

    Written by Fran Manushkin

    Katie Woo is a spunky, sassy, and stylish schoolgirl that readers will fall in love with. These early chapter books are perfect for explaining life changes, family celebrations, and growing up. Award-winning author Fran Manushkin outdoes herself with these fun, lighthearted stories. 


    Stink Series

    Written By Megan McDonald

    Stink Moody is already the shortest second-grader in Class 2D and the shortest member of the Moody family. He's exactly 3 feet, 8 inches tall every morning when his sister Judy measures him. One day the tape measure reads 3 feet, 7 and three quarters inches! How could he be shrinking?

    Stink is the younger brother from Megan McDonald's award-winning Judy Moody series. He may be short in stature, but by no means is he short on personality. Stink tries everything to grow taller, from spiking his hair to wearing vertical stripes. He eventually accepts his height limitations and finds a short role model to admire.

    STINK is filled with fun adventures and cool illustrations. Comic strips, drawn by Stink, are scattered throughout the book. Comics such as "The Adventures of Stink in Newt Boy meets Jaws Monster" show Stink solving everyday problems with superhuman powers.


    dork diaries

    Dork Diaries

    Written by Rachel Renee Russell

    The main character of the series and a new student at Westchester Country Day. Because Nikki feels completely out of place among all of the wealthy, designer clad students, she spends most of her time alone writing in her diary. She despises her locker neighbor (and enemy), MacKenzie Hollister. She's the most unpopular girl at her school (only slightly above the gym shower slime). Her secret is that she only attends the school because her dad arranged a scholarship as part of his contract as the bug exterminator. The stores she shops at are discount department ones such as Target. She has a crush on Brandon Roberts. Her art skills are well above average and won WCD's art competition with the help of her friends in the first book. She is extremely bad at math. Nikki has a 6-year-old sister named Brianna. She is best friends with Chloe and Zoey and goes to art camp every summer. She has brown hair that is usually in pigtails and is left-handed.


    my weird school

    My Weird School 

    Written Dan Gutman.

    A.J. and his classmates are back! Newer and weirder than ever, My Weirder School is the latest installment in the crazy antics of Ella Mentry School. Yes, A.J. still hates school. Yes, the teachers are still completely insane. Yes, every day is still zany. But this time around a new student causes even more commotion in Mr. Granite’s third-grade class. Her name is A.J. She hates school. It all seems too weird to be true—but it is!


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