A Day in Our Classroom



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A Day in Our Classroom

In our classroom we have carefully put into place individual, group, and class reward systems.

-Our class earns pom-poms in our "Warm and Fuzzy Jar." When the jar is full the class earns a reward they previously voted on. So far students have earned a PJ Movie day and we are close to another reward! Pom-poms are earned when the class receives a compliment and/or everyone is on task.

-Classroom table-groups each have a marble jar. Marbles are earned when everyone at the table is on task, following directions, trying their best, etc. Groups choose a reward to receive and work towards that goal. Each group has already earned their chosen prizes (slime) and are working towards their next reward!

-We also have a classroom economy reward system. Students earn classroom "money" for meeting classroom expectations. Students also earn special "Brain Bucks" for being problem solvers and persevering. Students are able to trade in their classroom money for awesome prizes and coupons.