Movement Activities

  • Welcome!  Below please find some basic suggested activities to work on motor skills.  Be sure to assist and supervise your child with every activity to ensure safety.  General activities are listed below under various headings.  Every activity may not be appropriate for all students.  Please consult with your physical therapist prior to selecting activities.


    Movement Activities

    dancing kids Try some short movement videos to serve as a warm-up.  These videos can help with motor imitation while moving to music.  All activities presented should be supervised by a parent to ensure a safe environment.




    Motor Imitation and Balance Activities

    Try some movement activities designed to improve motor imitation, coordination and balance.  Assist your child by demonstrating the skill and hold his/her hand to assist.


    Play Simon Says!

               simon says


    Try completing puzzles using animal walks such as "crab walking" to pick up pieces and move to the puzzle board.   




    Use tape to construct paths in straight, curved or "letter" shapes.  Hold child's hand to walk and complete.



    Core Strengthening

    Try some simple exercises designed to maintain core strength.  Supervision is required.  Not all exercises are appropriate for all students. Time frames/repetitions listed are a suggestion.  Do your best!

    Bridges: lift buttocks up and down for 10 repetitionsbridge


    Planks:  Hold body straight for 10 seconds.  plank


    Sit-ups:  With extended arms, sit up then lie down slowly. Complete 10 repetitions. sit up



    Ball Activities

    Try some ball activities designed to improve motor planning, accuracy and force.  Supervision is required.  Encourage your child to step with the opposite foot when throwing to a target.


    Ball throwing or kicking to hit targets like paper cups or plastic water bottles.



    Playing simple throwing/catching or volleyball games with a beachball or balloon.