• Organizing and Calming Strategies 

    - Calm Down Visuals
    - Here is a website with more sensory/organizing/calming activities

    Fine Motor Skills 

    Natural Environment Activities 

    - Peel fruit such as clementines, oranges, and grapefruit 
    - Ziplock bags - encourage using fingertips to press and seal 
    - Rip up junk mail 
    - Use spray bottles to water plants, spray the windows to clean
    - Sort coins 
    - Use paper towels to clean surfaces 
    - Fold laundry, match socks 

    Visual Perception 

    This website has a lot of visual perception activities for your child to engage in: www.eyecanlearn.com

    Visual Motor Integration  

    - Games 

            - Tic-Tac-Toe
            - Connect Four 

            - Legos or any other building games

    - Activities 

            - Coloring pages

    - Handwriting  
             -Handwriting rules
            - Handwriting three lined paper
            - Upper and lower case letters
            - Handwriting activity
            - Pencil grip

    Cursive Writing
            -Upper case letters

    - Typing

            - Go to https://www.typing.com and practice typing for ten minutes, twice per week
            - Take a three-minute typing test once per week 
            - Forgot your username and password? Email me at kirti.vyas@monroe.k12.nj.us

    Self-Help Skills 

    - Color my plate page

    - Shoe tying video (Righty)
    - Shoe tying video (Lefty)
    - Shoe tying log sheets