• Balance is the ability to maintain a controlled body position while performing a task, such as bending down to pick up an object or sitting at a desk.  There are 2 components to balance:

    • Static:  the body's ability to hold a stationary position using postural muscles
    • Dynamic:  the body's ability to maintain an upright posture while engaged in movement

    There are a variety of balance activities to work on at home.  Let's try some fun balance activities!

    Tissue Dance or relay:  Have your child place a tissue on their head and dance to music or walk from one location to another.  Try not to let the tissue fall off, but if it does?  Catch it before it lands on the floor!

    tissue dance


    Pop bubbles with feet:  Hold your child's hand and have him/her pop bubbles using his/her feet


    Spoon Relay:  Using a spoon, carry items from one container across the room to another. Use beans, beads, a small ball, whatever you have available.  Try not to drop it! 


    To add variation, try:

    • walking on tip toes     
    • walking on heels
    • knee walking
    • side stepping
    • passing to another person
    • squatting down to place in the container

    heel      kneel      side step


    Hold your child's hands with activities and provide assistance as needed.

    Good Luck!