• Prewriting Shapes

    Prewriting Shapes are the foundation to forming letters.  These shapes should be introduced developentally.  



    Circle: Say- start at the top, make a circle and stop

    Plus/cross: sing- Make a plus go down and across, down and across, down and across, make a plus go down and across, you give it a try!

    right oblique (/): say- slide down

    square: say- down, down, across, across

    left oblique (\): say- slide down

    X: say-slide down, slide down

    Triangle: say- slide down, slide down and across at the bottom


    Practice using a multisensory approach:

    • Shaving cream/pudding in a cookie sheet
    • Rice and/or beans in a cookie sheet or paper plate
    • Chalk board or dry erase board


    Prompting May Require:

    • Hand over Hand
    • Tracing over a shape you have demonstrated for them
    • Providing only a demonstration and then having them try
    • Providing them dots so they know where to begin/stop
    • Showing them a picture of it and providing the verbal directions stated above
    • Showing them a picture only
    • Verbally telling them the shape