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    Cutting &/or Coloring Practice





    1. Click on this link At Home Activities to view the video on Tips to Complete Projects. It will show you what you can do to help support your child in terms of the following:
      1. Coloring/Cutting in the lines: Boldly outline the form to color and cut with a marker
        1. Encouraging small finger movements to color around the perimeter of the shape first.
        2. Remember to encourage a 3-4 finger grasp for all coloring, tasks.  
      2. How to position the paper.
      3. Finger placement in the scissors- also view YouTube hyperlink to learn more
      4. Cutting begins on the same side as their dominant hand (i.e., if right handed, begin on the right side of the form).
      5. How to sequence the blades to cut


    Click on the attachment, that was recommended for your child; directions are provided:

    1. Level 1 (snipping, lines &/or shapes): Halloween LanternCandy Corn and Jack-o-Lantern
    2. Level 2 (simple forms): Squirrel 
    3. Level 3 (forms with larger angles and curves): Monster
    4. Level 4 (Complex forms with smaller angles and curves): Complex Squirrel