• MTHS Clubs and Activities


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     Descriptions of Clubs and Activities


    3-D Design Club gives students the opportunity to explore and learn about the world of 3-D design. Club members can work on their own projects or participate in a theme club activity.  Members can also learn about 3D printing and participate in fundraisers. This co-curricular club is supported by a student-based engineering design team that works with e-Nable to 3-D print low-cost prosthetics for children and adults in need. The 3-D Design Club is open to all students ready to dive into 3D design.

    Academic Team is a club that participates in academic tournaments versus other high schools. There are about 4 or 5 competitions a year that we travel to after school. The categories are varied, and most competitions are in a modified jeopardy format in which we compete in a four-person team. Students from any grade may participate in the club! Test your knowledge and join the fun.

    The Adelante Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Club serves to promote inclusivity and community outreach. Our goal is to bring awareness to the diverse Hispanic and Latinx cultures present at MTHS through a variety of activities that will encourage community building and which will celebrate diverse cultures, heritage, and language. The Adelante Club is open to all students interested in Hispanic and Latinx heritage, cultures, and people.

    The Aerospace and Aviation Club presents students with the opportunity to pursue interests in Aerospace-related fields such as Aviation and Astronomy. We are looking for motivated students who want to learn more in an encouraging environment and take charge of their own learning with the opportunities that this club provides.

    African American Club’s main objective is to enhance student knowledge of African
    American culture, society, history and background. The African American Club also provides its members with the opportunity to discuss important current issues in African American society and the world around them. The Club is open to all students and meets regularly throughout the school year.

    American Legion Oratorical Competition is a speech competition where students prepare and deliver speeches on aspects of the Constitution. The main speech is 8‐10 minutes on the duties and responsibilities citizens have to our Constitution. Students then prepare four 3‐5 minute speeches, but only deliver one that is chosen at random, on assigned topics regarding the U.S. Constitution. The assigned topics change year to year. The student that wins the MTHS competition goes on to the county competition. The next levels of competition include district, state and national. Each level of competition carries a scholarship prize.

    Amnesty International is a worldwide grassroots organization that works to end human rights abuses. Amnesty focuses on large scale change that challenges power structures that allow for these abuses. Amnesty’s activism is focused on education, advocacy, and direct action. Members of student groups will focus on educating others about Amnesty’s current campaigns and learning more about how to enact policy change.

    Animation Club gives students the opportunity to watch animated movies and discuss various animation styles from different countries and production companies. This would include Disney, Pixar, Japanese anime (such as Studio Ghibli, Studio Chizu and A‐1 Productions), and other forms of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). The club explores 2D (Hand‐Drawn and Vector), 3D (CGI ‐Computer Generated Imagery), Stop Motion and Claymation styles in major award‐winning films and film major finalists. Club members also analyze art styles, plot, character relationships, and symbolism in animated films. Students give their input on how they would change or improve the film or show. Other topics of discussion include the effects film culture has on our society and how the films we watch relate to other subjects we study in school.

    Art Club is a place where the creative student can continue their art education and share ideas, techniques and concepts with fellow students. Students work independently and collaborate with fellow classmates on group projects. Students make art for their portfolios, as well as for the school and community.

    Computer Club provides an enjoyable learning environment for tech enthusiasts of all grade and ability levels. The primary focus and direction of the club is based on student interest. Possible topics include: current events, tech gadgets, hardware, networking, PC troubleshooting, Visual Basic, Java, Web Design, iOS Application Development, and more!

    D.E.C.A. is part of an international organization of students and helps to prepare members to become leaders in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. The chapter participates in academic competition, community service, and social activities/field trips. DECA is open to all students in grades 9‐12.

    Economics & Finance Team provides students interested in economics and the financial sector with an opportunity to extend their learning. The club provides students with access to additional learning materials in the areas of economics and finance, presentations by guest speakers and the opportunity to practice the application of their knowledge in preparation for competition. Students will be able to showcase their knowledge through participation in the following state and national events: the Econ Challenge, the Fed Challenge, the Euro Challenge and others. Students interested in pursuing degrees and careers in Economics & Finance will gain invaluable experience and knowledge.

    The Entrepreneurship & Innovation Association (and its subset, the LaunchLab) is a dynamic experiential co-curricular program that will provide students with the knowledge, tools, and resources to become entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders in the 21st-century global society.  The program is driven by the core values of responsibility, solution-mindedness, collaboration, and growth mindset in service of the development of leadership, creative problem-solving, and other soft skills. Club's programming includes guest speakers, workshops, special events, internship opportunities, mentorships by industry leaders, and entrepreneurship competitions including The Diamond Challenge, STEAM Tank Challenge, and more. 

    Environmental Action Club focuses on environmental issues in the Monroe area. The EAC helps with the Green Fair at Monroe Township High School, champions awareness programs, and raises money for environmental causes.

    FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) focusses on students interested in business. Some key benefits of membership include: acquiring leadership skills, competing in competitions, winning recognition at conference, being a part of a team, improving and enhancing job skills, travel, meeting new people, meeting business professionals, earning scholarship money, community service, working with March of Dimes, and fundraising/sales experience.

    FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America) is an organization that focuses on personal growth and development through Family and Consumer Science education. Students will participate in a Fall and Spring Leadership Conference, including optional event competitions. The chapter activities help members become strong leaders in their families, careers, and communities.

    Fellowship of Christian Athletes provides student athletes of the Christian faith with a place to come together in a non‐threatening environment for worship. Meetings are student‐led, creating a stronger sense of fellowship. Guest speakers attend meetings on a regular basis. Annual events include Movie Night, Super Bowl Breakfast and Ultimate Frisbee Tournament. Non‐athletes are welcome to attend.

    French National Honor Society (Société Honoraire de Français) is an organization whose intent is to recognize high school students in the United States who have maintained excellent grades in at least three semesters of French language courses.

    Gay Straight Alliance’s primary goal is to create awareness so that every student in our community can feel respected and comfortable. The GSA will be meeting regularly to provide support and encouragement and address ways to educate our community about homophobia and general ethics concerning people of different sexual orientations and gender identities. The group welcomes students of all sexual orientations, gender identities, races and backgrounds.

    Girl Up Club is a nationally recognized organization. The Girl Up Clubs are formed by groups of dedicated youth who have joined together to take action and change lives, empowering both people in their own communities and adolescent girls in developing countries to rise up simultaneously. Girl Up is a growing grassroots movement and Girl Up Clubs are leading the way.

    Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)- Future Health Professionals is a MTHS Club that provides a unique program of leadership development, motivation, and recognition for students interested in health science, biomedical science, other health related programs and/or interested in health professions. HOSA is 100% health! HOSA's two-fold mission is to promote career opportunities in the health care industry and to enhance the delivery of quality health care to all people. The mission of HOSA is to enhance the delivery of compassionate, quality healthcare by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill, and leadership development. Our club specifically is for students who have an interest to pursue careers in healthcare.

    History Club provides students with an interest in history, civics, government and law with a forum to meet and discuss these issues. The club engages in a variety of activities, including visiting historical places, watching and discussing historical movies and documentaries, meeting with veterans and Holocaust survivors and others who have lived through significant periods of history, as well as discussions of related current events.

    International Thespian & Drama Honors Society is an honor society for students of high school theatre. Students are inducted into the society based upon participation in multiple school productions. Election to the society is determined by a cumulative point system that weighs all aspects of theatre, both acting and technical.

    Italian Honors Society is a club where students can discuss and experience Italian culture, customs and traditions. The group also raises money for a variety of charitable organizations as well as for senior scholarships.

    Key Club is an international student‐led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character, and develop leadership. Members volunteer their time at nursing homes, community centers, and various events within the community. Key club works closely with the local Kiwanis Club to help host events and raise funds for various charities.

    Latin Honor Society is an organization that promotes the study and appreciation of Latin language, Greek-Roman literature, mythology, and culture. It supplements the Latin program at our school with academic competitions, artistic activities, and a wide range of other activities that teach students about the ancient world and Roman way of life. We are affiliated with the National Junior Classical League, a global organization with over 50,000 members. One does not have to take Latin as their foreign language to be part of the club!

    Lifelong Active Rec Games is a club designed for building friendships and provide fun indoor/outdoor games to promote physical activity after school.  Our program will help students develop healthy life-skills, have fun with peers, while learning positive social behaviors. Games consist of Table Tennis, Spike ball, Washers, Cornhole and many more. This club meets regularly in the Aux Gym. Join us to build new friendships, participate and develop teamwork skills and learn new fun games/activities. All grade levels are welcome! No prior experience needed! 

    Lights Camera Action is a club where students with interest in various aspects of video production come together to collaborate. Projects are generally driven by student interests and can range from short skits, music videos, commercials and PSAs, sports and entertainment programming, to short films and documentaries

    Mathletes is an academic club that participates in monthly competitions with other schools in the Middlesex County area. Students compete individually, and as a school. It is intended for students who enjoy mathematics, but anyone is welcome to join.

    Mock Trial is an association that meets to prepare for the New Jersey State Bar Foundation's Annual Mock Trial Competition. Each year, the Competition presents club members with either a civil or criminal case based upon a fictitious set of facts. Club members then meet to analyze the case, develop arguments, and then act as lawyers and witnesses representing the two sides of the case. In late January, student teams meet at the Middlesex County Courthouse in New Brunswick to compete against other high schools. If you are interested in learning more about the law and want to participate in lively debate, the Mock Trial Club is certainly the club for you.

    Model United Nations is designed to introduce students to the operation and structure of the United Nations while providing them with an opportunity to actively learn about world cultures and debate issues of international importance. Students will actively participate in conflict resolution, public speaking, and coalition building, in addition to making new friends and being exposed to new ideas. The program promotes leadership through character development.

    Monroe Township South Asian Student Association's focus is an end-of-year showcase highlighting various aspects of South Asian culture, such as skits based on popular Indian movies, dance forms, and fashion. SASA allows MTHS students to showcase their talents as we celebrate Monroe’s diversity. In addition to the showcase, SASA works on other projects throughout the year, including volunteer work for the Asian American Pacific Islander Coalition, events centered around different South Asian holidays, and fundraising for various South Asian charities. Anyone who is interested in learning about South Asian culture and all of the great things that come with it is welcome to join this club. 

    MTHS Book Club is an interactive and engaging club where we discuss books together in a positive and comfortable environment.

    Mu Alpha Theta Math National Honor Society is a club dedicated to students with a love of mathematics. The activities of the club include mathematics competitions and offering tutoring for SAT mathematics as well as for mathematics classes offered at MTHS. Students must meet grade requirements, attend competitions, and satisfy volunteer tutoring hours in order to be inducted, but all enthusiastic math students are invited to attend.

    Multicultural Club inspires MTHS students to share and celebrate the diverse cultures of our world. Club members organize an event every year at the high school. This event provides a venue for students to experience different foods, cultural performances, fashion and music. All students ranging from freshmen to seniors are welcome to join the club.

    Muslim Student Association (MSA) is a social club that welcomes MTHS students from all races and religions. MSA’s agenda is to host fundraisers, provide awareness, support to social issues, and compete in national competition.

    National Arts Honor Society provides avenues for recognition of artistic talents and opportunities for leadership roles for visual art students, while spotlighting the success and community work of our school’s art program. The National Art honor Society program inspires and recognizes students who have shown an outstanding ability and interest in art. The NAHS strives to aid members in attaining the highest standards in art scholarship, character, and service, and to bring art education to the attention of the school and community.

    National English Honor Society is an organization that recognizes high school students who have demonstrated excellence in English through their classes, electives, and through the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Students who have achieved a 90 average in Honors ELA classes or an 85 average in AP ELA classes will be invited to join NEHS during their junior or senior year. NEHS shall strive to improve and encourage interest in English Language Arts. It is established with the hopes to stimulate culture in Monroe Township High School. It shall also provide a platform to foster literacy in society and strive to build a sense of fellowship between individuals with exemplary character and leadership.

    National Honor Society is an organization that recognizes high school students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Students who have a cumulative grade point average of a 90.0 or higher for their first 5 semesters of their high school career will be invited to apply to become a member of the National Honor Society. Requirements for induction are as follows: cumulative GPA of 90.0 or higher, 30 hours of community service (completed during high school career, 10 hours demonstrating leadership, and 2 teacher recommendations regarding character. All members tutor MTHS students after school Monday‐Thursday during the school year in the MTHS Media Center. The members also participate in many service and fundraising projects throughout the year. The funds are allocated to a charity of the members’ choice and to two scholarships that are given to MTHS Seniors.

    Newspaper provides the school and community with up‐to‐date news stories on what is going on in the school, community, and around the world. The website is maintained by the Journalism I and II students, but anyone can join the club after school. In addition to writing articles, students who join the newspaper club can write or do other jobs, such as photography or videography. Check out our website at www.falconersvoice.com.

    Patriot Warrior Club is a club focused on connecting and helping local Military Veterans and local veteran organizations.  Each year 1 specific local veteran/organization will be targeted to raise funds for and generate awareness.  The club will also act as a bridge to recognize current students whom are joining the military and recognizing past students who have served/are serving.  The club is open to all interested students that are interested in these ideals.

    Paws for Cause is a club dedicated to building a community of students who work together in raising awareness and support for animal rights and welfare. The goal of PAWS is to raise funds for animal rescue organizations and educate people about the well-being of animals.

    Peace Ambassadors allows its members to help foster a school environment that honors diversity, peace and respect for ALL students. Every year the Peace Ambassadors sponsor events and programs that focus on encouraging students to create a more kind and peaceful school. Please join us in helping make our school the best it could be!

    Photography welcomes MTHS students with an interest in taking and sharing pictures. If you love taking pictures and doing fun and creative things with them, then this is the club for you! Club members come to meetings with photos to share and discuss with the class. Other club activities include: learning how to use photo sharing websites, photo contests, ideas on how to arrange personal/school photos to create scrapbook pages, photography gift ideas for friends & family using your own personal photos, and photography tips from your peers.

    PROJECT F.U.N. (Falcons Unified Now) is an inclusive UNIFIED club modeled through the Special Olympics Unified Champion School guidelines. Our club is designed to create a fun, creative, nonjudgmental social environment where students from the general education population and students with intellectual disabilities can experience a variety of activities together. Project F.U.N. is a student led leadership club that provides members the opportunity to engage in a multitude of activities ranging from arts/crafts, game days, paint nights, dances, fundraisers for Special Olympics and Monroe Special Sports, Respect Week, and attending  extra-curricular games/events together. Do you think you would enjoy hanging with us?  BTW…We have earned the honor of the NJ Special Olympics Unified School of the year and Special Olympics National banner recognition! Come join in the F.U.N.!

    Project Graduation: Attention all Seniors! Are you good at fundraising? Collaborating amongst your peers? If so, please join the Project Graduation Club! Be part of the committee that will plan and organize the last event you and your classmates will partake in to celebrate the end of your high school careers!

    Red Cross Club aims to serve the local community through various service projects and fundraisers. Although named the “Red Cross Club,” the club’s efforts to help the local community are not limited to fundraising for the Red Cross. Efforts include holding food and clothing drives for local citizens in need, writing cards to veterans, and volunteering time with soup kitchens and organizations such as Special Strides. Every year, the central Jersey Red Cross Youth Council, a group of dedicated students from various Red Cross Clubs around Central NJ, organizes a Code Red Dance. The event, held in the springtime, is a dance held at a high school in which all profits are donated to the Red Cross organization.

    Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society’s mission is to promote scholarship and to recognize academic excellence in social studies among high school students. The honor society also provides opportunities for exploration in the social studies in secondary school environments and the community.

    Robotics Club is the club to join for any STEM-focused student! Learn how to design, code, and build your very own robots using VEX parts. The top-performing members get selected for the competition team, which competes against other teams in the worldwide VEX Robotics Competition (VRC).

    School Store (Falcon Zone) is a student-driven retail establishment located in the Commons area of the high school. Students from selected business and graphic design classes operate the store on a daily basis to provide the student body, staff members and the community with school spirit merchandise. Profits generated by store sales are invested in merchandise expansion, charity organizations, and student scholarships. The store continues to grow and develop with the creative talents and motivation from the students who are enthusiastic in the entrepreneur.

    Scienceletes (The New Jersey Science League) is the most senior club at Monroe High School. The Science League is unique in both the State and our Nation. Having been started in 1962, the League now offers competitions in biology, chemistry, physics, Earth science, and environmental science. There are also competitions for AP levels in chemistry, biology, and physics. The purpose of the Science League is to provide competitions between schools in selected science areas of study.

    Science National Honor Society (SNHS) is a prominent scientific organization that will engender a new group of young thinkers who will be the future of industry, research, and scientific exploration for America. In this era of rapidly changing technologies and scientific advancement, it is time to encourage and recognize high school students in the Sciences. MTHS's chapter of SNHS recognizes students who have demonstrated interest and academic achievement within the science field and engages students with STEM in high school through outreach events, charity, and educational enrichment.

    The Sikh Student Association is a student-led organization whose aim it is to educate both Sikhs and non-Sikhs on campus about Sikh ideas such as community service, equality, interfaith and intercultural interaction. The Sikh Student Association also seeks to establish a safe space on campus for students who identify as Sikh and/or wish to learn more about the Sikh faith. This group encourages and supports services such as mental and physical health awareness, family and friend assistance, academic advising support, and much more within that secure environment.

    Spanish Honor Society inducts students each year who have maintained a qualifying semester and yearly average in Spanish II or above the previous year. Students must have a clean discipline record, participate in all fundraisers, events and meetings, and maintain their qualifying grade average throughout the year in their current Spanish class. Students are eligible for inductee status as early as sophomore year in Spanish III. After being inducted, students must continue to meet these same requirements to remain in the Society as Full or Associate Members.

    The Speech and Debate club competes in a variety of public speaking events against other high schools. Additionally, members hone their skills together through practice and collaboration. Students will speak on topics they are most passionate about while learning how to format, prepare, and present arguments successfully. The Speech and Debate community is a diverse and welcoming community. We welcome members with all experience levels.

    Student Council is an extra‐curricular club that helps students' share ideas, interests, and concerns within the school community. Members of Student Council promote school spirit and raise funds for school‐wide activities, including social events and community projects.

    Technology Club is a club for students looking to explore STEM skills as well as those looking to build upon already acquired skills. This club is dedicated to enhancing and applying skills acquired in Technology and Engineering fields. There is a non-competitive aspect as well as a competitive aspect of the club. The competition aspect with through the Technology Student Association (TSA) which “enhances personal development, leadership, and career opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), whereby members apply and integrate these concepts though intra-curricular activities, competitions, and related programs. Competitions begin at a local level, taking place at TCNJ then climb up to the national level.

    TEDx is a club that deals with current issues, technology, innovations, and inventions. It helps develop public speaking skills and debate skills as well as helps student develop opinions on modern issues. TED is a nonpartisan nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas usually in the form of short, powerful talks.

    Tri M Music Honor Society recognizes students for superior achievement in music and academics. Students who are invited to join must be a member of a performance‐based music class at Monroe Township High School. All Tri‐M members perform in an annual recital and must complete ten hours of music‐related community service.

    Unified Fitness is a club created to provide our students who are neuro‐ typical and our students with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to engage in lifetime fitness opportunities. UP Fitness has three activities: Yoga, Training and Zumba. UP Yoga is a course designed to have students engage in fundamental movements and breathing strategies that help develop motor skills, confidence, social skills, sensory integration, coping techniques, while increasing self‐ awareness. UP Training is a course designed to use various training techniques to improve participants overall fitness levels. UP Zumba is a course designed to increase body awareness, physical endurance and social interaction, while promoting creative expression, and the self‐discipline required in learning and reciting dance movements, in a fun non‐judgmental setting.

    Yearbook Club also functions as a class students sign up for as an all‐year elective; the class is only open to students in grade 12. The purpose of the class is to create the yearbook for the school, and only the students enrolled in the class will have access to the yearbook site to make the book. The book includes highlights of the entire year, including ID pictures for each class, faculty/staff, events, clubs, and sports; heavy emphasis in the book is given to the seniors since this is their last year of high school. The purpose of the club is to have as many students as possible contribute pictures to the book to make it inclusive of the whole school.

    Youth and Government is perfect for students interested in government and the law. Students write bills and participate in a three‐day overnight program where they engage in the legislative process, trying to get their bills passed "into law." The conference is student‐run, with a student governor, cabinet, senate, assembly and judicial system. There are also press and lobbyist corps. This is one of the most rewarding and beneficial programs in the school for preparing for college.