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"Tell me and I'll forget, teach me and I may remember, INVOLE me and I learn." B. Franklin



    Hello Future Second Graders, 

          Welcome back to Oak Tree Elementary!  My name is Mrs. Zappolo. Many know me as “Mrs. Z.”  I am looking forward to meeting you!  

     Here are a few interesting facts about me.

    See how many you can remember for a fun first day game:

    • I live in Morganville, NJ and grew up in Brooklyn, New York.
    • There are four people in my family. 
    • I have two grown-up boys, Anthony and Matthew.
    • We have two Guniea Pigs named Niko and Jake.
    • My favorite healthy snack is strawberries.
    • My favorite unhealthy snack is Dorito's
    • I love to read mysteries.
    • This summer I traveled to Arizona and Wildwood.
    • I like the beach, but I don't like to swim in the ocean.
    • My favorite subjects when I was in second grade were reading and science.
    • In my free time I like to go to concerts, hike, go out to dinner and enjoy my family and friends.

    We will learn more about each other during the first weeks of school. See you soon!


    Mrs. Zappolo


     apple apple apple