• Dear Parents/Guardians,

    Welcome to your child’s fifth grade experience! We am very excited to kick off this school year with your child in our classroom! We believe that what happens in this classroom will affect your child’s future. Throughout the course of the school year, your child will learn and grow more and more each day. He or she may even come home exhausted from all the thinking done during the day!

    Parent communication is valued in this room so it is essential that we are all on the same page from day one. Attached you will find the discipline plan that was discussed with the students in class. I ask that you please take a moment to review our classroom discipline plan. 

    We have a fantastic group of students this year and are looking forward to an exciting year ahead! Question or concerns are always welcomed. We can be reached via email at gina.robinson@monroe.k12.nj.us  and gillian.ours@monroe.k12.nj.us

                                                                                 Warm Regards,

                                                                   Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Ours



    Class Discipline Plan


    Introducing Rules


    1. We are here for you – for you to succeed and enjoy this class. Because we care about each of you, we are here to help you. So we will not allow you to do anything that will interfere with your success in the class.


    1. We will be working together this year. We need to have a class where you can come without fear of being ridiculed or threatened.  Because  wecare about all of you, we will not allow you to do anything that will interfere with someone else who is trying to learn.


    1. We are the teachers, and we are looking forward to being your teachers this year. We have an exciting year of learning planned for you and we will not allow you to do anything to interfere with our desire to teach you. Nor will we allow you to do anything that will interfere with all of us having an enjoyable year.


    1. So that you can learn, so that we can learn, so that we can teach, we have a set of rules to ensure that we will have an orderly classroom. Please review these rules with your parents and sign at the bottom of the next page. Thank you for your cooperation!




    Morning Routine

    1. Walk into the classroom quietly.
    2. Remove jacket or coat and empty backpack or bag.
    3. Hang items up NEATLY in the closet.
    4. Hand in any required forms or notes to the designated bin.
    5. Begin Do Now for the day that is posted on the board.
    6. Quietly complete the Do Now while the teachers are taking attendance and lunch count.

    End of the Day Routine

    1. Quietly wait for your group to be called to pack up. As you are waiting, make sure that your desk is neat. Nothing should be placed on the floor.


    1. Once packing, make sure to go to your mailbox to retrieve any notices that need to go home. Also, be sure to have your agenda pad filled out properly.


    1. Double check your backpack to make sure you have all necessary materials needed to complete assignments.


    1. There should be no talking when the busses start to be announced. You are not to leave the class until the list is repeated


    1. Proceed to destination (bus, walker loop, Falcon Care) for dismissal.


    Classroom Rules

    1. Be Respectful
      • to everyone and everything
    2. Be Responsible
      • for your actions – NO EXCUSES!
    3. Be Prepared
      • by entering on time, with all necessary materials
    4. Be a Role Model
      • by setting good examples
    5. Camera should remain ON at all times (unless otherwise instructed)
      • A better learning experience is created when everyone can be seen
    6. Keep microphone muted during lessons (there will be time for us to have group conversations!)
      • This will make it easier for us to hear one another
      • You will have the opportunity to unmute for questions/answers
    7. Find a distraction-free workspace
      • Cellphones, TVs, and other electronic devices not needed for school should be powered off during the school day.
      • It is recommended to use headphones to help focus


    If You Choose To Break A Rule

    First Time: Verbal warning/discuss

    Second Time: A written description of the behavior and how to show improvement

    Third Time: Phone call home.

    Fourth Time: Parent-teacher conference

    Fifth Time: Send to principal/detention (including any severe disruptions).



    1. Praise (daily)
    2. Positive notes home (random)
    3. Various other positive perks (throughout the school year)

    An enjoyable, interesting, and challenging class (each day of the school year)


    Test and Quizzes

    • Will be graded using percentages


    • Will be graded as followed:
    • Check ++ = 100
    • Check + = 95
    • Check = 85
    • Check- = 75
    • Check- - = 65

    Late/Missing Assignments

    • An assignment that is 1 day late, you will lose 15 points.
    • An assignment not handed in on the 2nd day results in a 50%