• Prepping for Remote Learning

    It's a magical time with rainbows, unicorns and 7 awesome kids' shows


  • Create a set work area

    • Table and chair(s)
    • Your child should be seated in a 90/90/90 position (see photos). If your child is seated in a large chair at a big table, please make appropriate accommodations for them so they are seated correctly with the computer at the appropriate height (i.e., place a stool under their feet, place a pillow behind their backs, raise the computer)

    Computer/Laptop/Other device (iPad/tablet)

    • We recommend using a device other than a phone to allow your child a full view of the teacher(s) and the screen
    • Make sure you have any accessories (keyboard, mouse, stylus, etc.) and the charger easily accessible
  • Reinforcing items or activities

    • These may vary day-to-day!
    • Identify items prior to coming to the work area for your first session
      • Run a preference assessment!
    • Bring over preferred items and keep them near your work area
    • Try to have at least 3-5 items available just in case your child changes their mind!
    • Examples:
      • Edibles/Food
      • Toys
      • Trampoline
      • Beanbag
      • iPad (that is not being used for work)