• Welcome to Team JOURNEY!     

    Forge your own path ...


    Dear Students and Parents,

    Welcome to sixth grade at MTMS! We are looking forward to meeting and working with you as you embark on your first year in middle school.  

    Our team name establishes our goals and identity. The word journey is defined as, “traveling from one place to another.” As a member of the team, we want you to forge your own path and enjoy the ride. We want to guide you as you become explorers to learn new perspectives and expand your thinking to  achieve your maximum potential.  

    We chose the compass as our team symbol because of our team motto of forging our own path together, and taking that first step into the journey of middle school. The winding road symbolizes that our lessons are about the journey, not the destination - and that we should embrace any unexpected detours along the way.  By keeping our compass in mind, Journey students always carry determination, focus, and strength with them.

    As members of Team Journey, we believe the possibilities are infinite.  While on our journey this year, we will also embrace different perspectives and respect individual differences, in order to create a unified community.  Welcome to the team!


    Your Team Journey Teachers