The following items should be sent in on the first day of school:

    • A backpack with your child’s name clearly written on it. Please make sure the backpack is big enough to fit a lunchbox, folders, and extra stuff!
    • A small snack labeled with your child’s name: If needed, please pack a spoon or fork. This is not lunch, so a small quick snack is recommended. We also do not have access to warm anything up. The easier the snack, the better! THANK YOU!
    • water bottle can also be brought in daily for your students to keep at their desks. 

    Your child will receive a white Falcon folder which will be used for parent-teacher-school notes.

    The following supplies do not have to be brought to school on the first day. You can send them in at your convenience.

    1- two pocket folder labeled with your child’s name. Please do not buy plastic folders. The papers will slide out!

    4 boxes of 24 count REGULAR size crayons. (Please do not send in jumbo, large, erasable or washable crayons) Crayola crayons are recommended.

    1 container of baby wipes

    1 box of tissues

    1 box QT. size Ziploc bags

    1 box Gallon size Ziploc bags

    1 roll of paper towels

    1 bottle of large hand sanitizer


    Please email me if you have any questions. wendy.roth@monroe.k12.nj.us

     ☺THANK YOU!!!