• Active Blocks Page

    The following table contains all of the different Active Blocks you can use.  Active Blocks are useful by allowing you to create a personal environment for your guests.  With Active Blocks you can display a registered user's first name, last name, full name, zip code, e-mail address anywhere on the page as long as they are signed in.  Active Blocks also allow you to post the current date, time, and section name anywhere on your page, regardless of if the visitor has signed in or not.
    First Name
    Last Name
    Guest -
    Full Name
    Zip Code
    E-Mail Address
    Thursday, April 25, 2024 -
    Long Date
    4/25/2024 -
    Short Date
    7:31:38 AM -
    Long Time
    7:31 AM -
    Short Time
    Gross, Christopher -
    Section Name

    Using the Active Blocks feature inside of the toolbox allows you to embed simple and complex content (Webpages). The benefit of embedding a webpage inside of your page is that it allows users to view both pages in a single window.  The convenience will allow you students to complete research without having to tab back and forth between windows.  The example below is an embedded complex content Active Block and displays CNN's website.