• Classroom Procedures


    Your child will come home with his or her homework folder every day.  Please remove the papers from the side labeled, leave at homeand sign/send back any notices that are in the bring back to school side.

    Homework will be assigned Monday-Thursday each week, but not during holiday breaks!  Homework teaches children to be independent and resourceful.  The process of applying the skills learned in the classroom allows for stronger retention of information. Homework also gives parents a daily glimpse of classroom life, but it should always be completed by the student so that I may see areas of strength and areas that need improvement. Thank you for your cooperation! 

    Classroom Meeting

    Every day in our class, we have a 20-minute classroom meeting.  We begin by greeting each other.  Every day your child hears his or her name spoken by a classmate in a friendly and cheerful manner!  Next, a few students share some interesting news followed by a conversation with the class.  This helps students listen carefully and formulate good questions.  When children share, they have a chance to feel that their ideas are valued! After sharing, there is an activity with the whole class which may include reciting a poem or playing a math game.  This helps the class feel united as a group, reinforces academic skills, and helps the children learn how to cooperate. Finally, we do the calendar and read the announcements chart, which helps students think about the day ahead. 

    You can also help foster your child's social and emotional learning at home by:

    • encouraging good manners and eye contact
    • playing board games or card games as a family
    • sharing about one another's day at dinner or bedtime 
    • reinforcing coping strategies like mindful breathing, reflection time or yoga poses

    Snack Time

    Each day we will enjoy a snack break. Please send in a water bottle and something your child can eat quickly and without help from the teacher such as fruit, veggies, pretzels, goldfish, granola bars, or string cheese.  Please do not send candy or juice boxes to school for snack. 


    Children's birthdays will be celebrated in school with a song, certificate, sticker and pencil!  Please do not send in any food to celebrate.  Birthday invitations may be passed out as long as your child invites the entire class.  I will be creating a classroom directory with contact information soon! 

    Change in Dismissal Information

    Should you need to pick up your child early or have a change in how your child will be dismissed, please send in a note to school with your child.  Emailed requests may not be seen in the case of my absence when there is a substitute teacher, so to ensure proper communication to the office, a physical note is preferred.  Also indicate your request in Genesis. Thank you for your cooperation!