Homework :)

  • Homework

    Homework is a way to further understand what is happening in the classroom. This also helps me assess see if your child can complete the strategies we learned in school on their own. Homework will be assigned every day except for Fridays. Homework should not take more than 10 minutes at night. Most nights of homework will include a math sheet and either a phonics page or spelling work. The homework will be in your child's Falcon Folder each night. Please return the homework back to school and use a pencil only. 

    In addition to homework, I can not express this enough to read with your child every night. Your child will be learning how to read and the more he/she is exposed to it the better the reader they will be. At the beginning of each week, I will be sending home choice boards. Each night your child will need to choose a task of how they want to read that night. On Fridays, this choice board needs to be sent back in order for your child to be entered for a prize!