• 1. Your child’s bus information can be found on the parent portal in Genesis.


    2. Review the bus rules with your child and stress the importance of safety on the bus.


    3. Parents are responsible for the safety of their child between home and the bus stop and while waiting at the stop for the bus.


    4. Have your child at the bus stop at least 10 minutes prior to the stop time.


    5. Do not ask the bus driver to stop at places other than the assigned bus stop.


    6. Assume responsibility for your child to cooperate with the school district personnel.


    7. For students in grades K-3, and all special needs, a parent or guardian must be at the stop to receive the child. If no one is at the stop for the drop off, he/she will be taken back to the school and the transportation home becomes the responsibility of the parent.


    8. Please let this office know IN WRITING if someone other than the parent/guardian will be receiving the child. You can obtain a form from the driver or by clicking here: If we do not have a note on file, the child will be returned to the school.


    9. Parents will be informed by the local school administrator of any disciplinary report submitted concerning their child's behavior.