• MTSD Strategic Plan 24-29
    Welcome to the official MTSD Strategic Plan website. Please use this site to access key information regarding our strategic plan. Collaboration with key community stakeholders is critical to designing a responsive, competitive, and all-inclusive strategic plan for the Monroe Township School District.

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    What is the MTSD Strategic Plan 24-29?
    The MTSD Strategic Plan aims to outline our vision, mission, goals, and objectives for improving educational outcomes and enhancing the overall learning experience for all learners. Our five-year strategic plan relies on the input and collaboration of key stakeholders from within our learning community. The Monroe Township School District has selected the New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA) as the facilitator of our strategic planning process.

    Meeting One | State of the Schools; District Strengths & Challenges | March 20, 2024
    Total Participants: 40

    Meeting Agenda
    State of the District Presentation
    NJSBA Meeting Overview Presentation
    Meeting Outcomes

    Meeting Two | Designing a Common Vision | April 25, 2024
    Total Participants: 27

    Meeting Agenda
    Meeting Two Outcomes

    Meeting Three | Designing Goals & Objective May 15, 2024Administrative Action Planning June & July 2024Approval of Five-Year Strategic Plan | Aug/Sept 2024 

    The NJSBA 3D Design Model Determination, Dream, & Destiny by DesignThe MTSD has elected to adopt the 3D Design Model, facilitated by the New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA). This planning model offers a streamlined, strategic approach while retaining the key components of staff and community input, visioning, and goal setting. This model is performance-driven from inception but permits the administration to develop action plans, a key function in the goal-setting process. The NJSBA 3D model represents the best practice of the community developing the “what” and the administration taking responsibility for the “how.” It combines all the essential features of strategic planning in a more concise format.

    Strategic Plan 24-29 | Community Collaboration & FeedbackThe entire Monroe Township Learning Community has a stake in the design and development of our strategic plan. One of the key components of our strategic planning process will be to collaborate and collect feedback from all stakeholders within our learning community. The MTSD encourages all stakeholders to participate in part of or the entire process.

    If you would like to participate in the strategic planning process, please complete our RSVP form here to help us better prepare for our meetings: RSVP to Participate in MTSD Strategic Plan 24-29

    Strategic Plan 24-29 | Resources

    NJSBA 3D Design Model | Feb 2024

    NJSBA Intro Meeting | Feb 2024

    Strategic Plan Stakeholders | Feb 2024