• A site to help you study Spanish grammar

    This site has many worksheets and activities to help you practice whatever grammar we are learning in class. However, you must register with this site to use it, but it is free.

    Fun Spanish Games for Review

    This site has lots of different types of Spanish review activities, such as quizzes, flashcards, bingo, fill-in-the-blank activities, and games. All you need to do is type in the topic into the site and it will come up with activities for you. Great for studying for tests!

    A Fantastic Online Spanish <---> English Dictionary

    This is a great online dictionary to use when looking for vocabulary words or phrases. Please only use as a dictionary to find single-word definitions or short phrases and not as a translator.

    A quiz on labeling the countries in Central America and South America
    This is a site with a quiz on labeling Central American and South American counties. Can you do it?