• Health Benefits: Dependent to 26 Information

    Under the new healthcare reform law, dependents are offered coverage on the parent's plan until they reach their 26th birthday. Dependents up to age 26 may stay on the parent’s employer plan even if they have another offer of coverage through an employer.

    • The dependent may be married or unmarried.
    • The dependent's spouse or children are not covered.
    • If a dependent lost coverage due to aging out in the past, they will be able to re-enroll. This right also applies to those dependents that were not previously enrolled or previously eligible.
    • The dependent does not have to be a full time student.
    • The dependent must be terminated from other coverage.
    • If the dependent currently has COBRA or Dependent 31 coverage and chooses to go back onto the parent's plan, they will be entitled to this coverage again when they age out.
    • The dependent does not have to reside in NJ or reside with the parent.
    • This coverage applies only to medical and prescription. Dental and Vision benefits are not included.

    For further questions please contact,

    The NJ Division of Pensions and Benefits at 609-292-7524