• Preparedness/Lockdown Procedures
    Red Alert FAQ

    The following information has been prepared for the parents of Monroe Township Schools' children. Preparedness in the Schools
    • 3 day water supply
    • 1 1/2 days food supply with no cooking
    • 1 week food supply with cooking
    • Radios and Flashlights with batteries
    • Medications are parents' decision. If you wish your child to have a supply of medication on hand in the school, please contact your doctor and have him/her provide a note to the school nurse to that efffect. The medication will be kept locked in the nurse's office.
    Lockdown Procedures
    • If there is imminent danger around the building, we will lock down
    • Parents may NOT pick up children
    • Parents should go to Central Office for information
    • Parents may pick up children when lockdown is over
    Red Alert
    • We will take our cue from local officials
    • All questions will be answered from Central Office
    • If the buses are on the road, they will be asked to pull over and wait for instructions. The children will either be taken home or returned to school depending upon what the Emergency Management People tell us.
    The following Q&A list about code RED and "lockdown" has been prepared by the New Jersey Department of Education

    Question: Who orders a code RED alert?
    Answer: The code RED alert designation is issued by the federal government for a given area based on specific information. The actions taken with reference to the code RED alert are based on state of emergency directives by the Governor, and distributed by the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management.

    Question: How does the Department of Education respond to a code RED?
    Answer: The Department of Education immediately implements communication with regional and county school officials who, in turn, provide information to local districts and charter schools. The Department of Education maintains close communication with the Office of Emergency Management to ensure that accurate information is provided through the Department of Education to school districts.

    Question: Who orders a school "lock down"?
    Answer: The Department of Education does not order school/facility "lock downs." School/Facility "lock downs" are local decisions made in concert with local emergency management officials.

    Question: Where can I find some practical advice on how to prepare for homeland security emergencies?
    Answer: The New Jersey Office of Emergency Management provides information on a number of topics appropriate for emergency situations on its website (