All About Ms. LeBron 


    Thank you for visiting my web page. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about myself.
    Born and raised in Edison, NJ, I was fortunate enough to grow up in  community which continues to pride itself on it's multiculturalism. As a 2004 alumnus of Rutgers College, one of the country's most diverse Universities, I have had the opportunity to live and work with many different people from various backgrounds and points of views.
    During my years at Rutgers University, I studied in the areas of history and sociology. That being said, social studies has always fascinated me. In addition to my undergraduate coursework, I also had the opportunity to complete a graduate course in South Africa, studying the effects of the end of Apartheid on education. I later returned to do a portion of my student teaching internship in a rural farm school, which still bore the scars of segregation. This experience is something that has forever changed me, and one that I still cherish today. It has always been a desire of mine to share this experience and teach students about the vast world beyond the classroom.
    South Africa opened my eyes to the true power of education, as being a tool of social empowerment and the vehicle to a lifetime of learning and self-improvement. My time spent abroad also taught me the great influence in which a teacher has in the lives of those with whom he or she interacts.
    Having taught first grade at Mill Lake for six years and six years at MTMS, I feel I am truly developed as an educator. I pride myself on teaching students the core foundations necessary to their future educational success. In addition, it has been my personal mission to instill within my students a love of learning.  Although I deeply enjoyed my career as a first grade teacher, I felt as though I was ready to make a change. Being that 2011 was a pivotal year for our district, there was no better time to seize the exciting new opportunity to be part of the MTMS family.
    As a former elementary school teacher I feel as though I have many attributes which make me a perfect fit for the middle school setting.  I bring enthusiasm, creativity, and above all else sensitivity to the classroom.  I provide a safe and supportive learning environment where children feel comfortable to take the academic risks necessary for success.  I am also adept at differentiating instruction to meet the needs of all learners.
     The life lessons learned throughout my schooling and first grade teaching experiences will continue to resonate in all that I do. I know what a truly important job I have, and for that reason, I cherish being an educator.