Mrs. Tafrow

    Notebook Guidelines/Homework Policies/Suggestions for Success


    What you will learn:

    Unit 1 – Division, Distributive Property, Factors and Multiples, Dividing/Multiplying Fractions

    Unit 2 -- Operations with Decimals

    Unit 3 --  Integers

    Unit 4 – Expressions and Equations

    Unit 5 – Ratios, Unit Rates, Proportions

    Unit 6 – Geometry - Area, Surface Area, Volume

    Unit 7 – Statistics - Analyzing Data, Measures of Central Tendency, Data Distributions


    What you will need to be prepared for class:

    • Pencils (at least 2 sharpened)
    • 1 marking pen for corrections (preferably not blue or black)
    • Student agenda pad
    • Your math binder (1½ inch 3-ring binder) divided into the 4 sections


    • Do Now
    • Classwork (This will include notes and handouts. Each assignment needs to be on its own piece of paper)
    • Homework
    • Assessments



    It is also recommended that you keep a supply of graph paper and loose-leaf paper in the back of your binder if you have room. Your work must stay organized and orderly, and will be a reference for you on tests/assignments.  You are responsible for getting work and notes if you are absent, either from the teacher or a classmate. If you are absent in class and need copies from that day, you must get the copies from the extras bin in my room on your own time.






    How you will be graded:

    MTMS Mathematics Department Grading Policy:

    o 70% Assessments (Tests, Quizzes, Projects)

    o 20% Homework

    o 10% Class Performance/Habits of Mind


    Homework Grading Policy

    3 points: Shows complete work and answers all parts of the question

    2 points: Shows partial work and answers most parts of the question

    1 point: Shows limited to almost no work for the problem(s)

              0 points: Shows none of the work and no effort


             Homework is due the day indicated by the assignment.  Homework one day late will be graded an 80, two days late is a 70, three days late is a 60.  Homework will be accepted up to one week late for a grade of a 55.  After one week, late homework will receive a grade of a zero.

     Rules to follow:

    There are only a few rules to follow, but are strictly enforced:

    1. Be in class and ready to learn
    2. Be respectful and responsible
    3. Follow directions
    4. Raise your hand and do not call out in class.


    How to contact your teacher:

    Please never hesitate to ask me questions.  You can always write me a note and leave it on my desk or in my mailbox.  Or you can talk to me:

    How you can succeed in this class:

    Here are a few hints that I can give you:

    1. Write down your homework in your agenda pad and hand it in on time. 
    2. Practice, practice, practice. Work on each and every homework problem.  SHOW ALL OF YOUR WORK.
    3. Keep all of the handouts that you are given organized neatly in your binder.
    1. ASK QUESTIONS!  As soon as you begin struggling with a topic, please come and ask me for help.  I am here to help you be successful in math.
    2. Know your math facts (especially multiplication).
    3. Be mindful of both verbal and written directions.


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