• Su di me
    This September begins my 27st year teaching Italian.  The time has flown by!
    I am a native New Yorker who began my Italian studies as a freshman in high school.  While I am of Italian descent, I did not grow up speaking Italian;  I am proof that with hard work, one can learn to speak a foreign language.
    I attended Fordham University in the Bronx as an undergraduate student and spent my junior year of study in Urbino, Italy.  This year of study was one of the best experiences of my life!  I attended graduate school in the Scuola Italiana at Middlebury College in Vermont.  This was a summer program in which all students eat, live and breathe Italian.  We sign a contract that we will only speak Italian for the six week program.  I attended Middlebury for three summers. 
    I have taught in schools in Long Island, Queens, and New Jersey.  I am also certified to teach Spanish.
    I am passionate about Italy, the Italian language, and the amazing culture!  My goal this year is to pass on my passion for all things Italian to my students so that they might appreciate the beautiful aspects of the Italian language and culture.
    Spending the day with middle school children is both a challenge and a blessing.  They are goofy and wonderful and I enjoy teaching them, not only Italian, but how to be the best people that they can be.  I stress tolerance, analysis, and making connections between what they know and what they're learning.  I want to help them to think in a new way than what they may be used to, so that their thinking skills might be better developed and varied.  As students, they are responsible to learn and study, and I guide them along this stage of their academic and developmental journey. 
    My family and I live in Plainsboro.  I am happy to be starting my ninth year in Monroe and teaching your child(ren).