• In this course, students will continue their language learning as we build upon what was learned in 7th grade Italian.  Using the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, the students will be able to utilize their knowledge of Italian for deeper communication.
    In addition to language skills, students will learn about aspects of Italian culture as well as Italian-American culture.  They will also deepen their knowledge of Italian geography and major cities in Italy, especially Rome.
    By the end of this year, students should be able to speak about their home, the city, Italian food and food- related customs, health, geography and travel. They will be using regular and irregular verbs as well as other grammatical aspects to best express themselves in Italian.
    At the end of January, students will be tested using the four language skills listed above.  Results of this test will indicate placement in high school Italian. 
    It is expected that students will review notes from class each night and study for at least 10-15 minutes per day.  Gradual learning rather than cramming for tests and quizzes enables students to learn and retain information and vocabulary better.