• All students are required to change for Physical Education regardless of whether they came to school in athletic attire. We ask that students change for Physical Education for hygienic purposes.
    What is appropriate Physical Education Attire?
    - T-shirt/long sleeved shirt
    - Shorts
    - Joggers
    - Hoodie/crewneck sweatshirt
    - Anyone with long hair must have their hair tied back in a pony tail
    - All students must remove all jewelry
    - Sneakers with laces or Velcro
    What is NOT appropriate Physical Education Attire?
    - Sleeveless shirts or tank tops
    -Tight fitting shirts or V-necks
    - Shorts that are not of appropriate length
    - Pants that have zippers or cargo pockets
    - Slip on shoes, boots, Uggs
    - Students must change into an entirely different color of leggings for class if they wore leggings as part of their school outfit.
    - For example, if a student chooses to wear black leggings to school as part of their outfit, they will not be permitted to wear black leggings to Physical Education, regardless of difference in design. The same goes for any color of leggings.
    Jewelry Policy
    - All jewelry must be removed for the class period
    - We ask that all students wait until their marking period of health before getting any new piercings so that they may have time to heal without running into a safety hazard during Physical Education
    - If a student has newly pierced ears and may not remove them, they must cover their piercings with a Band Aid that they provide for themselves
    - Any religious jewelry that may not be removed is acceptable to wear, so long as there is a written note on file explaining that it is understood that the school/teacher is not liable to any damage to the jewelry that may happen during class
    What Should be Kept in the Locker
    - Deodorant Stick
    - A bag to keep jewelry in so that it does not get lost in the lockers
    - No aerosols, perfume, or spray deodorants are allowed in the locker room. If a student is found using any of those products they will be confiscated
    - Each unprepared is 10 points off their preparation grade, and 10 points off their participation grade
    - Students that are unprepared will do a written assignment for the class period. If they do not hand-in the assignment at the end of the class period, it is an additional 5 points off of their participation grade
    - After 5 unprepared's, the student fails for the marking period
    When students enter the gymnasium they are to report to their squad spot and have a seat. If they are not in their squad spot and seated they will lose 3 points off of their "Attendance Grade". Additionally, when they leave the locker room after changing they are to report to their squad spot and have a seat. They will lose another 3 points off of their "Attendance Grade" if they are not following these directions. A teacher will always be in the gymnasium supervising while the others are supervising the locker room. Students are expected to listen to all instructions from the teachers supervising the gym and the loker room.
    If a student has any medication that they must have with them during PE, they MUST have it with them at all times. Do not leave it in your locker or your bookbag.
    Students are never to touch any equipment without first being instructed to. Any student not following these instructions will lose points off of their "Following Directions" grade.