• Brookside Elementary School

    Physical Education Rules


    1. Enter the gym through the main doors; proceed directly to your squad (sitting) for attendance.  Place extra clothing (sweat shirt, jackets, etc.) on coat rack.  Place books, backs, lunches, etc. against wall.


    1. Begin Warm-up/ Exercise Routine as a class (together)- led by two students.


    1. Be prepared for class.  Proper attire includes: Sneakers, and appropriate clothing; No jewelry, No gum, and No food.


    1. Do not enter the Equipment Room/Closet without permission from a teacher.  Do not touch any equipment before the start of the activity.


    1. All Gym materials/Equipment are to be put away in its proper place before leaving the gym.


    1. Show Respect for your classmates, teachers, and equipment.


    1. Participate in every activity.


    1. Always give your best effort.  Set goals and work hard to achieve them.


    1. You may get a drink of water during all activities and games.  You may not get a drink of water when the teacher is talking or when we are lined up to leave. 


    1. Be aware of your surroundings, and stay in control of your self at all times—participating in a safe manner.


    Physical Education Grading


    1.      Classwork-25% How well are you grasping the skills and concepts of the particular unit.


    2.      Sportsmanship-25% Show respect for teammates, opponents, officials, equipment, and rules.


    3.      Effort-25% Practice and play to the best of your ability, at all times.


    4.      Preparation-25% Wear sneakers and appropriate gym attire to class.