• Fitness Testing Areas:

    Pushups- Complete as many pushups as possible until exhausted or proper form is lost.

    Sit-Ups- Complete as many sit ups as possible in a 1 minute time period.

    Sit and Reach- Shoes off, feet flat against box, reach hand over hand-forward pushing the metal tab as far as you can reach.  Measured in cm.

    Shuttle Run- Distance measured from light green line to light green line.  Students will run to retrieve one shuttle, run back placing it on the line, and again run down to retrieve the second shuttle and run through/ past the line.  Time is stopped once they pass the line.  The goal is to get the quickest/shortest time you can.

    Pull-Ups—Students will complete as many pull ups as possible until exhaustion.  Students must bring their chin above the bar, and on the down motion-extend arms.

    Flex Arm Hang—(Only attempt if one can not complete a pull up) Time is kept for how long students can hold their chin above the bar.

    Vertical Jump—Students will stand near the wall and attempt to jump as high as they can    (touching the wall the highest point).  This test will measure how high each student can jump (measured in inches).

    Broad Jump—Students will stand with their feet together and attempt to jump as far as they can (forward).  The distance of the jump will be measured in inches.

    1 Mile Run—Students will work to complete a one mile run/jog to the best of their ability.  Students will have as much time to finish the jog as they need but are encouraged to try their hardest in working to complete the one mile jog by doing their personal best.

    Fitness Assessment  










    Pre-Test Result

    Post-Test Result










    Sit & Reach




    Shuttle Run








    Flex Arm Hang








    Vertical Jump




    Broad Jump