English Language Arts (ELA) 
    "Words - so innocent and powerless as they are standing in a dictionary,
    how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one
    who knows how to combine them."
    -Nathaniel Hawthorne
    English Language Arts is a balance of reading and writing. Our classroom uses a Readers' and Writers' Workshop model using the MyView literacy program. Students will focus on the following topics throughout the year:
    • Nonfiction/Informative reading 
    • Poetry analysis 
    • Narrative writing
    • Nonfiction writing
    • Writing about reading
    • Research based opinion writing
    Reminder... use the Writing Process every time you write!
    1. Brainstorming/Prewriting
    2. Rough Draft
    3. Edit/Proofreading
    4. Revision (edit and revise again if needed)
    5. Final Draft/Publishing
    readTips for Reading with Comprehension:
    • Make connections

      Good readers notice pieces of text that relate to or remind them of past experiences and prior knowledge.
    • Visualize
      Good readers create pictures in their minds while they read.

    • Read Closely
      We use a strategy in class called "Close Reading". This strategy involves reading a selection more than once, highlighting key details, and  writing notes in the margin.
    • Ask questions
      Good readers ask questions before, during and after reading to better understand the meaning of text.
    • Determine Importance
      Good readers look for things that help them identify big ideas and why they are important.