• stack of books
    Study Tips
    • Start studying as soon as a test is announced by the teacher.
    • Study for tests and quizzes for ten to fifteen minutes each day.
    • Do NOT wait until a day or two before a test to study.
    • Be creative and hands-on!  Do not just read over your notes or textbook only!
    • Create flashcards.
    • Read over your notes and textbook and create an outline of important information.
    • Make a quiz for yourself.
    • Create a flipchart of key terms and definitions.
    • Using key terms and definitions, make a memory game.
    • Use a Venn diagram to compare two important concepts or information.
    • Study with a friend or classmate.
    • Have a parent or family member quiz you.

    *Remember-There are many ways to prepare and study for a test or quiz.  These are just a few strategies to help get you started!