• Handy Homework Helpers


    Homework Expectations:


     All homework should be completed in pencil.

     All work must be labeled with your name, the date, and your number.

    Your work should be neatly and carefully written.

    Paper should not be torn from a spiral notebook and should not have jagged edges.

    Keep your homework clean and unwrinkled.

    Be sure to check over/edit your work.

    When writing, be sure to use your own words.

    Remember to always DO YOUR BEST!


    Helpful Hints:

              Work Area

     Calm, clean work area

    o       Ex:  desk

            kitchen table


            living room/family room (TV is OFF)


    Bring homework supplies to work space



    Plan for:  Homework time

           Break time

           Snack time


    Check homework folder daily


    Talk to your child about his or her homework


    Homework Supplies:


    ·        Pencils

    ·        Crayons

    ·        Scissors

    ·        Glue

    ·        Dictionary

    ·        Erasers

    ·        Paper


    (If you need help finding supplies, please contact me.)


    Suggestions for Keeping Supplies Handy:


    ·        Shoe Box

    ·        Basket

    ·        Baby Wipe Container

    ·        Plastic Container










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